This week I’m really appreciative of all the energy clearings, space clearings, and house blessings I’ve done. Many people think they can remove negative energy from from themselves by saging, smudging, or using incense. You can remove negative energy this way, however, it is really like dusting. I incorporate these rituals daily but I know I have to clear myself and get someone else to clear me as well on a routine bases. How often I get clear depends on how much life happens to me, the negativity I experience, the challenges I have, and the amount of health and emotional blocks I have. I also do space clearings monthly on my space because the environment can affect your vibration and health more than most realize.

In a house clearing this week, I found a Hartman line out of balance. This is an electric field out of balance in a contained space. It happens to run across the clients head which may be why she all of a sudden got Tinnitus in April. She moved into the place March. Geopathic stress, interference lines, and EMFs can really affect your health over time. They must be neutralize, reset, balanced, and raise to 100% of its positive potential for the occupants in the space.

For this client, I placed a selenite tower lamp where the Hartman line was out of balance. Selenite is a powerful stone that clears others stones. It is protection stone from entities. It also balances out electric magnetic fields. I love the selenite tower lamp because the light amps up the power. It is also such a cool decorative object for any space. On that wall was also where the negative energy from interference lines were coming in.  There is a balcony with glass doors on the wall of the high rise apartment. I placed a “firewall” beneath her floor so energies from the floors below would not affect her and her son. I installed bridges of creativity and kindness in hallways. A rainbow of confidence in her sons room. Her son is 11 and this is such an energetic year of development.

Thank goodness there were no entities I had to get rid of. In my other clearings I did have to remove entities from fields and people. So many entities are just hanging around right now looking to hitch hike. I had to remind myself of these laws and the appropriate ways to send them off with love and light. A resource I consult often is from the book Dowsing Beyond Duality by David Cowan. You can use some of these dowsing techniques and do many things yourself. Practice on a friend. Dowsing is easy and not at the same time…the hardest person to do is YOURSELF because you are blinded by blindspot or too close to the situation. For this reason, I still get energy work done with others.

Please hire a professional if you really want to harmonize your home, office, and spaces. I don’t just come in and bless it…there’s so much more to it and it takes at least 2 hours. Sometimes I have to come back. I never know what I’m going to find until I’m in the space.