I’m a month behind…do you ever feel like that? I could blame it on the retrogrades, moons, eclipses…but honestly I lost myself because of the pressures I put on myself with pregnancy, being a new momtrepreneur, and then having a miscarriage this month.


A week after Labor Day I said enough, it’s time to get back on the horse and “return to sexy.”  I was going to put together a new energetic plan for healing. I was going to share it so it could heal others. I had so many of the parts…but somehow the puzzle pieces didn’t come together and I kept putting everything off.
I realized I was PUSHING again. I wasn’t in atunnment with people, the rhythms of life, and WHY I was doing it. I had lost the love for almost every part of my life and just felt a burden of responsibility.
I wasn’t absorbing the lesson. My colitis symptoms were showing up and it freaked me out. I knew it was because I wasn’t taking care of myself, in denial, just going through the motions because I was concerned with how people would perceive me, people pleasing, and my judgments with perfectionism.
As soon as I was conscious of it, I committed to finding my peace and joy again. When you are in peace and joy, it is CRAZY, SEXY, & COOL. Your aren’t just positive thoughts, you VIBRATE POSSIBILITIES & POTENTIAL.
I cleared emotional codes, heartwalls, and prayed A LOT! I asked to see what I’m suppose to see, feel what I’m suppose to feel, and know what I’m suppose to know. I was willing to see things in another way. I filled my fields with high vibrational spiritual tools. I muscle tested everything because I could’t trust my mind or body with all the hormones with post-partum.
I also didn’t do it alone. I shared my vulnerabilities with friends and clients. It lead me to so many connections, deeper relationships, and my RENEWED self.
So the Return to Sexy Pilgrimage has a different focus and I’m gonna start over. I would love for you to join me. This pilgrimage is about allowing us to be PULLED and using the divine feminine.  I hope the tips help you come into HARMONY with your true self at this stage in your life. I hope this season FLOWS for you moment by moment, consciously deciding with grace, beauty, hope and healing.
With Love & Excitement,
Thuy “twee”
Chief Happiness Officer