Hiya Ninjas!

This past month I’ve done more Chinese face readings, space clearings and energy work than I expected. Clients wanted to get a head start and also get rid of the bad energy from the year. Many have already reported shifts…joy to my heart. If you’ve never had energy work done, I invite you to let the universe guide you. Energies always sync up. Removing negative energy brings you peace, clarity, wisdom, compassion, and opportunities.

This is the “metal” season according to Chinese Medicine. Many things are dying off. They must die off for new energies to grow. If you don’t know what your soul is telling you, how to clear out the bad energy, and direct energy, you’ll be REACTIVE.

Why don’t you direct the energy before? This is the time to heal, dream, and plant seeds. Don’t wait til the new year to start your goals. The time to start is NOW. If you want to get in shape, lose weight, start NOW. If you want to read more, start NOW. If you want to go back to school, pursue another career, START NOW. You don’ t have to go all in now. Just start. The road of a thousand miles start with one small step. Make some plans, make some calls, put it out there. A year from now, you’ll wish you started today…

When you want to start anything new, make room for it. You can’t fill a full cup. I always recommend clearing your space you are around most, even if its one little area. You must move the energy for the CHI to flow. Move the furniture around, get rid of something, place things that make you feel good NOW…sage, palo santo, burn incense or light a candle there. Invite the energy in and create a sacred space for it to want to stay. Get rid of the old bad negative energy. People that are sensitive to environments, this impacts you more than you know.

If you can, hire a professional to do a space clearing for your space. I did a space clearing for a house the other day that is still being rebuilt. They are moving in January. It had 3 spirits I had to send to the 5th dimension. I also had to install lots of protection energy because how close it is to the street and the cell phone tower! As I walked the one acre plus space, I asked to have the land heal of the underground water and faulty pressure line. It will be a meadow of abundance very soon.

I don’t know what I’ll find for you…???
Here is a quick video for you to clear your beds so you can sleep better.