The last two months have been a struggle for me due to this severe ulcerlative colitis flare I’ve been in. I had to be on a really strict diet and eliminate so many factors. I’m rebuilding now and re-introducing things, falling in love again with all the little things of life.

One of the things I eliminated was spray tanning. I’m training new techs for So You Boutique and they must airbrush me so I can coach them. I rinsed the solution off within 2 hours so it wouldn’t pigment, however the solution I used was an old one I couldn’t figure out what level it really was. I woke up the next day perfectly airbrush tanned! The solution must have been one of the rapid tans I was testing out. Oops.

I was so happy to see color on me! I didn’t look so frail and week. I could see tone in my muscles. That week I dressed up again and it was just a little different in my thoughts, actions, and mood. As I worked I was renewed in why I loved the things I did/do. Silly but I was so HAPPY!

If you need a pick me up, do something small for yourself to shift you. It may be as simple as an airbrush spray tan, or a mani/pedi…whatever it is to fill your soul. Don’t REACT to life storms by getting overwhelmed and then sabotaging yourself. Do little things inbetween because it compounds and you remember life is full of opportunities. Pick up that ukulele, paintbrush, book… We get lost in the distractions and pain and forget who we really are.

Take time to do something to fill your soul at least one day a week, you’ll be better for it!