Hello Spiritual Ninjas!

Can you feel the season of change coming with Fall? Paradoxically, In Chinese Medicine this is a time called Late-Summer and is the EARTH element’s last stage. It is a transition time from yang to yin, a time of simultaneous bounty and withering. Energetically it gives us conscious pause to consider the areas of our life that no longer serve, get in the way, and need to wither while at the same time to honor what we are harvesting so we can enjoy them. In a couple of weeks, the trees will show us how beautiful it is to LET GO. 

This is also a very sensitive time emotionally. My soul shift energy tip is to encourage you to start a practice of shielding to protect your energy. Please breathe more, incorporating breathwork, and create sacred space and sacred time to come back to balance. 

Energetically as a whole, everyone will be more sensitive to criticism.The good will bounce back and the negative will stick which can cause you to be more anxious, feel not good enough, compare, and become stagnate. If you could take it as feedback and ask, “Is this true for me? How can I utilize this information? What can I do about this?” Pause and be aware of your emotions. Let it come up and see what shows up. This will allow you to break through and change the challenge to opportunity. 

If you start to shield yourself DAILY you won’t be as REACTIVE. This is also a time when SPIRITS tend to roam and want to find homes. It only takes 30 seconds. I like to start by putting a couple of drops of essential oils on my wrist, rubbing them together. I use Young Living Essential Oils. I spread them to my fingertips, and then rub my ears and behind my earlobes. A little goes so far. I take in 3-11 conscious deep breaths to tune into my body and the light. I then ask out loud for a shield of light to be placed around me. I image a bubble of protection around me so only the good comes in and not the bad. I ask to be guided to see the truth and bring harmony and light where-ever I go. Your light can be any color you want.

This will allow you to come with compassion and not let others opinions, judgments, or beliefs stick to you. When you encounter these projections, simply bless them in silence. As soon as you have a chance, state “clear and delete” three times so it doesn’t get stuck in your auric field. This is a clearing technique from my friend Marla Goldberg in her book “My f*cking journey to loving myself.” 

This is incredibly vital if you are around family members as sometimes they are the most common form of physic attachments. They want the best for you and it’s unintentional. Their judgments stick to you and can hold you back. I have to clear stuff from my mom all the time!

I hope this always keeps you in your light and expansion. Please share it or comment if you have any useful tips.