If you’ve been on our feed with Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been posting a lot of things on gardening and how it corresponds with the energies of right now. I hope September is Slow Down September or Start September for you. It’s not too late to start or restart something, just BEGIN. I actually restarted my garden 4 weeks again and I’m already harvesting some of the herbs. It can take as fast as 4 weeks to reap what your sow! This is really a time of HARVEST if you can see all the potential clearing out for you. 

This week Isabella and I had a play date at Miller Farms where we were picking our veggies. We saw some of the workers pruning. They were also weeding and putting seeds down for the next season. This syncs up with what we need to do in our lives for the next season and my themes for this month. 

When I saw the farmers pruning it reminded me about a blog I wrote years about pruning.

A gal name Marie Forleo introduced the Art of Pruning analogy to me. Let’s say your life is a tree. If you want this tree to take shape a particular way, you gotta take a step back and look at it completely. Then PRUNE what grew out of shape or has died, creating the direction you want it to grow. You gotta cut off some things so it can grow faster and better. At first it may look more sparse. With a little time, it will be stronger, more abundant and beautiful. Pruning directs the energy, gives it a surge of energy.

I want to encourage you to be conscious of how you want your tree to grow. Maybe there is a storm in your life right now. Have faith all storms end. If you have a huge limb to cut up/clean up, maybe its nature’s way of helping you deal with something.

Life happens and we forget, we get comfortable and lazy, we get bored, things can grow out of hand…Instead of reacting to life, RESPOND to flow with more ease. When you react, you have no control. When you RESPOND, you are taking responsibility and acting from compassion. I encourage you to PAUSE and ask, “What must I say NO to in order to be able to say YES to changes I want to add to my life? What must I clear out to make room for things to come in?” 

Perhaps you need to take some time to yourself, eat better, rest more, make time to cultivate the relationship you want to improve, schedule that routine maintenance with your doctor/car/house/finances…the stuff you know you should be doing “when you have the time.”  Maybe schedule that laser teeth whitening or energy clearing with So You Boutique?

I hope this directs the growth of your life where you are now.