From the face readings, energy work, and conversations I’ve had with friends and clients, it seems to me that all of our personal lessons of August arrived in one huge hit in the last few days of the month, thanks to The Super New Moon and geomagnetic storms across the planet – the biggest solar storms of 2019. If you are in confusion of your flip flop energy, know YOU AREN’T GOING CRAZY! 

This is from Elizabeth Peru, one of my energetic advisers, “Indeed, now that September is here, I can see that our ability to make genuine, heart-felt and personally liberating choices has amplified hugely. This week, I expect to see thousands of souls waking up to their spiritual reality and for those who already have, an elevation to the next level of their conscious awareness.

I trust that you can reach in deep and allow yourself the freedom to open up and connect heart to heart, like never before. If you’ve been procrastinating (like we all do) in any life area and putting the brakes on, why not take them off this week and prepare.

The next 7-days are ‘cosmically’ charged. This week we’re experiencing a 14-day continuous cycle of ‘The Cosmic Rectangle’ planetary formation. It may feel like you’re under the pump right now. In fact, you’ve got SO much opportunity to break out of old habits and feel free. You’re doing so well. We’re all feeling your progress. I just know that our GUIDES are close this week, helping us through. Ask for your help often and know that it does come in. You are needed and so loved. “