Your spaces are your SANCTUARY. It is where you rest, rejuvenate, and manifest. Everyone is sensitive to space, some more than others, like myself. I always know how a persons life is going and the energies open to them when I enter their place, work or home.


There are things you can do routinely to protect, clear, and move the energy of your space. Rituals ground you and the space. It sends love energy. It all begins with INTENTION. Space clearings and blessings are two different things. There are many rituals you can do on your own to raise your vibration. I hope you incorporate these rituals to your life and makes your life flow with more chi.


I’m going to start with ENERGETIC SWEEPING.  This clears the space and welcomes in the CHI. For centuries monks start and end the day sweeping. This is more than to keep the space clean. You don’t have to do it thoroughly, just a few sweeps can clear it.


Start with INTENTION. Pause and check in with your energy field. Thank the universe for another new day and today you would like….then sweep. Always do the front door, this is the mouth of chi. If you have time, do the other entry ways.  If you can do it again around the 4-6P , that would double the flow. Treat this as a meditation or a check in point. Sometimes I do my gratitudes and blessings while I’m sweeping. I always start the day at So You Boutique with a few sweeps. My broom also has a card with a mantra on it: I let go of the old and open to universal abundance waiting for me.

Recently I found this Cinnamon Broom Blessing from my Witchlings Card Deck when I pulled the Sanctuary Witch card. I incorporated it in my space clearings and daily rituals. I love the smell of cinnamon!


What you’ll need: a broom (preferably one of natural fiber) and cinnamon oil

Anoint the tips of your broom with cinnamon oil. Sweep your front entrance area with your anointed broom. As you sweep, chant aloud with intent:

“This is my home, my sanctuary, my space, and negativity is NOT allowed to corrupt this place!”


This will give your home an energy cleansing, getting rid of any bad energies.

Repeat this blessing for any other doorways into your home, and the hearth of any unblocked fireplaces you may have. This same blessing can be used for any windows that are normally or routinely opened, and a whisk-broom or natural hair painting brush can be substituted for a full broom.