Isabella and I were in southern California this weekend. My cousin wanted me to bless her house and give her Feng Shui ideas. I told her I don’t do feng shui, I do space clearings. I harmonize energies adversely affecting the occupants of spaces in homes and businesses.

She didn’t get it til I walked around with my l-rods. She only had 7 negative elements I had to get rid of.
The plumeria plant in front of her new home is good luck though. The front entrance is the “mouth of chi.” You want this to be inviting for the chi to come in and want to stay! Generally plants with points are great for neutralizing geopathic stress.

Your living environment is your sacred space. Certain energies can really impact your immune system, clarity, energy level, and ability to attract positive relationships. If you have kids, this can really help their growth in so many ways. I personally clear my home every season because energies change. Some negative energies can stick to you without you knowing it.

This is a thriving home for her. Get a space clearing. I do always bless the space and clear pets with the clearings ???? #thuydam#spiritualninja #spaceclearing#raiseyourvibration #energyworkheals#itsnotfengshui #houseblessing#houseclearing #smudging #dowsing