ALOHA! This is Thanksgiving Week. I want to start by expressing my gratitude for your spirit, support, and friendship. You may be having guests in your home and I wanted to share with you an space clearing/blessing tool so everyone that walks in your house is blessed. You are blessed even more.

Set the Energy of your space at the top of your main doorway. On the inside of the front door, on the top, is a hexagram. It’s very powerful. Place something you find powerful for YOU. Or put the words of the energy you want more of. On my doorway I have a cross, a real $100 bill, and the words: Love, Compassion, & Courage. Every time someone walks through the door, they are charged with these vibrations. At So You Boutique, there are crosses on the top of every door. Here is the YouTube video on it.

Let me know what vibrations or symbols you choose. Please share this with all your love ones so we all vibe a little higher.