My reminder for this month: Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

We went on our 1st road trip this weekend in our RV van. Chris was very excited to set it up and said he would look up everything. I wanted him to take charge because I feel I have to set up everything for us to experience new things. I came home Saturday from work and many things were still undone. ?

We were going to Colorado Springs. I suggested we do a little of that but perhaps doing the Royal Gorge.

The drive down Chris tells me to look things up and find a campsite. ?? I was a little annoyed. We did a little walking at Manitou Springs because the cograil is closed until 2021 and I didn’t want to drive up to Pikes Peak. The RV Park was like a parking lot and there were only two spots available. We decide to chance it and go to another park in a town nearby.

On the drive I ask angels and Harmony (that’s the name of our van) to help take us to a place best for all of us. I find Echo Canyon Campsite and make a decision to book it and re-route. ( Check out their glamping tents!) Chris got mad that I didn’t “communicate” but he drives there. Twenty minutes of drive in silence…

In the silence I tell myself “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself and is this really how you want to experience this Thuy?!” I apologized and instead of going into passive aggressive behavior, I explained how I FELT. I suggested a few other things. Something lifted and the rest of the trip was magical.

Our site #7 had a great view. We set up camp and a fire in an hour. Here are just a few things that unfolded for us: The restaurant bar across the street was “mountain meets beach.” We axe threw for the first time. The Royal Gorge wasn’t too crowded and we had a great time. Rowan and Chris didn’t even know about the amazing bridge. Cosmo our dog got to do everything with us. On the drive home we tried to do the railroad tour but missed it. Instead we found a splash park, walked the river walk and saw a wedding on a bridge.

It’s a #fullmoon, #lunareclipse, and #mercuryretrograde. Direct the energy! It’s really is a universal love gift and working out in your favor.