Would you like to make this time a more transformative period in your life? Would you like to make it more magical and fun?

Pick something(s) to anchor the emotions or desires. Decide on a theme that it will be about, the intention. For instance, this is the summer of discovery for Bella our 2 year old toddler. I love rompers and I have lots of them for her. This is what I’ll remember for this time in her life. When I reflect on this time later, the emotions and memories will come back easier.

This past weekend we took an RV road trip down to the “Enchanted Circle” of Taos and Sante Fe. I try to make every trip different with anchors to give it more meaning. This trip I brought fairy wings since we were going to an “enchanted” place. I also brought Bert, our buffalo spirit animal. I bought Bert at the gift shop at the Royal Gorge on our first RV trip along with a walking stick. Since this was our first RV vacation road trip, I wanted something that would be used on all our adventures to follow. These items are in the RV for all of our travels. At least one picture must be taken with them for our adventure log.

Anchors could be a symbol, animal, flower, scent, color, song, clothing item, hats, jewelry…an AIRBRUSH SPRAY TAN! Our most fabulous moments almost always involves a spray tan.

For this summer, I’m all about matcha lattes, jasmine, Frankincense and Peace and Calming essential oil from Young Living, a “comfort cloak” summer shawl, and gold flip flops. You can pick as many items as you want. It must #sparkjoy. It must have meaning to it.

Doing this will make this time of transition more memorable, expansive and magical and miraculous. Later on it will also help you recreate this experience, energy and lesson whenever you so choose. You can activate it again and again by just aligning with the anchor. The people, experience and energy never dies.

Because of our anchors, fairies and Bert the Buffalo guided us to an awesome drum store. I found some new products for the Ascension Station and So You Boutique. We crossed another bridge. I love bridges and want to have a wall with pictures of bridges. Bridges represent “crossing over” and “are bridges to breakthroughs.” Rowan, our 14 year old, was more excited and open to all the art.

When we were leaving the “enchanted circle,” it was dark grey with thunderstorms. When it let up, there was a double rainbow. They were the widest rainbows I’ve seen and in grey skies. I couldn’t capture it all but this picture from my passenger side has lots of interesting reflections.

When you start anchoring down your dreams, emotions and intentions, your energy changes. It helps remove negative thoughts and feelings more quickly. Rainbows, fairies, and miracles start showing up for you.

We are sending you double rainbows. If you are going through a hard time, know that God puts a rainbow in every cloud. You just can’t see it yet. All storms end. If you’ve been feeling doubt, anxiety and overwhelmed, the energy will lift very soon on all these “grey matters.”

New moon in Leo and Mercury goes direct on Wednesday July 31st-thank goodness! Create some new anchors now for what you would like to call in, have more of. Create a ritual of it. Here’s a video I did a few years ago for New Moon Manifesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b68abvHip1s&t=41s

Would love for you to let me know what your anchors and new moon desires are!