Last year at this time I could hardly move because I was in my 4th colitis flare in a row. It taught me to be really present and accept my body where it’s at, taking it in stages of healing.

At 38, I feel more alive then I’ve ever been. This week I celebrated it with my lil bro Tan. We had an epic Colorado adventure where we climbed the sand dunes, waterfall, city surfed, danced salsa, bachata, hip hopped, grilled with family and friends, went to the museum, had the best fireworks show, and just being silly. (This hip hop stuff is really hard to do!)

After July 4th, the year always flies. Take inventory of your life right now. If you are going through a hard time, know all storms end. If you are going through a time of growth, embrace it. If you are just bored, what do you want to add in your life? Get a vision, make a wish, and follow your intuition to guide you to YOUR answers. Stop comparing to your past and others, say YES to your crazy sexy life now.

Most importantly have the courage to take the first steps, ask for help, and ACCEPT help. A road of 1000 miles starts with ONE small step.

Sending you love, peace, and joy