On a trip in California last year, the number 22 kept popping up for me everywhere. It started at Newport Beach. Bella kept playing around this lifeguard station. It was #22. Something kept pulling me to that number. When I looked up the meaning, its significance is that its a master number, an angel number. It means Dreams Come True. That’s when my obsession began with this number.

When ever I see it, it’s my sign from the universe to go for it. What I’ve come to understand is the universe works in symbology and vibration. When one is in tuned with this, one can evolve and create anything. People, events, experiences, mentors, books, and tools align. An energy emerges.

Every month on the 22nd I align with my dreams by re-reading them and creating a small ritual with it. I appreciate all that I got to do, the lessons and people that came into my life. I ask my angels for help. I even give them my to-do list for the month. =)

This month the 22nd falls on the New Moon. New moons are a great time to reflect, do shadow work, and initiate goals and dreams. It’s a great time to give yourself space, do something creative, dance, and do vision boards. This new moon is the 1st one in the Aquarian era, after a supermoon fullmoon, and Imbolc. This is a great time to plant seeds for your heart’s intentions.

I’m challenging and encouraging you to write 22 HEART INTENTIONS. “Intention, simply, is a gathering of energy and turning of attention. It’s based in the present moment but it has one eye gazing toward the future. Intentions hold dreams, hopes, and in many cases, the expectations we hold of ourselves and of this life that is unfolding through us. When used wisely, intentions are the engine behind daily choices and the compass we can use to orient ourselves. They can help dissolve the puppet strings that might have us acting out a life that’s discordant with what we truly long to get up to. ” ~Janet Stone

Get in touch with YOUR HEART intentions, what your heart desires. So many times we write things we THINK we want according to family or society standards. Go deeper than that. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Who do I want to become now? What do I want more in my life? What brings me joy? How do I want to feel? Who do I want to share in my life with? What habits, patterns, and beliefs don’t work anymore?

I have a combination of both materialism and spiritualism desires. For instance, I have a business that I can be me and transform others producing 200k+. Another is I am a Diamond with Young Living Essential Oils. My blood pressure is under control at 120/80 without meds. I have a family of lovingness, support and communication. I am in divine love and my life in divine order.

Don’t miss this energy wave. You are planting seeds for years to come. The angels are bored and want you to utilize them more. They are here to help you make your dreams come true.