It’s been a fun week of services as I told returning clients this year’s theme is “year of the sexy.“(yay for the return of tanning season!)

I realized I had become all work and healing for the last 2 years! There was too much logic and passing life with all the “shoulds.” I wasn’t feeling very vibrant and wondered, “What happened to the sexy girl?” Perhaps you can relate?

The word sexy can be misunderstood. Sexy is very appealing, exciting, and desirable. The state of being is confidence and sensuality. In balance this energy lights up a room, ignites love, births creativity. I’d forgotten that. This is something I struggle with because I wasn’t taught the feeling of sexy. I was taught beautiful, pretty, cute. It wasn’t until my late 20s, after owning a clothing store for several years did I connect this.

Sexy is a “style” and it comes in all many different shapes and sizes. We confuse sexy as seduction. It can be seductive. In its purest form, it actually is an inner light that shines out of your eyes for life. I see the range of this light all the time now doing Chinese face reading.

When I was aware that I had lost my sexy, I gave myself my “acupuncture prescription for the spirit,” to subtly shift the energy. This is what I also do for my face reading clients. I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now because energy somethings takes awhile to stick. If you want to get sexy back, try a few of these for the next few months and see how the energy shifts you. Have fun with it and let me know what manifests!

~Give yourself the gift of flowers every week

~Clear clutter and added splashes of red, bold pinks, and purple to your daily routine

~Put out things that only make you feel JOY at this time, not things in the past

~Do something for your appearance that makes you feel better without a reason, like an airbrush spray tan (shameless plug!), mani/pedi, massage, facial. Put on lipstick (DMA lips of course!) even if you aren’t going anywhere!

~Take dancing classes like  salsa, zumba, or pole!

~Get a new haircut style/color. Let the stylist be creative and work their magic

~Give out more hugs and compliments, flirt with everyone (in an appropriate way!)

~Accept compliments, say THANK YOU

~Do artistic expressions of any kind

~Eat bright multi-colored foods. Have fun with foods

~Use fireplace, light candles and incense. Do it in the middle of the day!

~Watch exciting or romantic movies

~Socialize, comedy clubs, somewhere out of your norm

~Travel for fun, meet new people

~Consider work to re-ignite your passion for life (like Chinese Face Reading!)

~Follow your heart

I know these things seem really simple, you’d be surprised on how it shifts quickly at first but you still actually have to actively be aware of it to do it everyday!

Last night at my salsa birthday shindig, many commented on how I seemed different. I was the same but different. I hope this ignites your soul again making this the “year of the sexy”