Memorial Weekend is this weekend!

That means summer is finally here. It also means the dreaded B-word…BIKINI! If you aren’t bikini ready like you had hoped, try these tricks while you continue to work on it.

 1. Play on lines and colors

Use patterns or lines that elongate. Vertical lines create the illusion of longer and leaner. If you have shorter legs like I do, try to avoid lower-waisted pants/skirts because it takes inches off of you, makes you look stumpier.

Just like how dark fat looks better than white fat, darker colors are slimming!

 2. Bring attention to your face

Have the lines and colors flow to your face distracting from your body.

(Eyelash extensions dazzle everyone to your beautiful eyes. White teeth bring attention to your alluring smile and could make you look 10 years younger!  Also, try our new DMA lips)

  3. Get an AIRBRUSH TAN!


***These are temporary tricks. Health is really a lifestyle practice. My fitness-pro friend Noora Kuusivuori gives you 8 great tips to create the body you want in Muscle Fitness Hers. She and I hope you reach your health goals!