Since my yoga retreat the end of Thanksgiving, I’ve been more in tune with Earth Medicine and the astrology alignment presented to us at this time, which all syncs up with the Chinese Medicine and energy clearings I do. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are all in the house of Capricorn. This alignment hasn’t happened in centuries. It’s them is EVOLVE. It is a great time to balance Karmic relationships and step into the light to do your soul work.

This week is a really moving energy week with the full moon, 12:12 portal, and Friday the 13th. It will be dark til the Winter Solstice so “hygge.” December 24-28th has a different essence to it because of Christmas and also an eclipse.

It’s time to clean things up and get to the TRUTH. You can’t expect change being the same and doing the same things. What are things you’ve been putting off because of fear of reality and success? What are things you must clean up in your health, finances, relationships, home, work, spirituality?

I’m doing the work too. I know I must adapt to new practices with my eating, exercise, marriage, self-care, spending and boundaries. I feel out of alignment. When I’m not in alignment, there is a lot of resistance. When I’m in alignment, it’s so magical. I get this boost of energy and people sync up.

Watch your emotions and get sleep this week. Your messages and ancestors will guide you if you are conscious and pay attention. My grandma has been giving me clues since 11/1 & she shows up in the form of grapefruit. That’s another post…

To help you vibrate higher here are 3 tools to use during this time
1. Let Frank help you ~ Frankincense essential oil that is!
The oil of truth and king of the oils is Frankincense. There is a reason why the 3 kings gave it to Jesus. Use this before you write, work, journal, meditate. Put it in your moisturizer and lip gloss to even out your skin and hydrate. You can also put it in water and drink it if its a quality brand. I have some YOUNG LIVING OILS at the studio if you need it. I also coach on essential oils if you want it.

2. Have a SURRENDER box
I got this from the DailyOM. A surrender box allows us to let go of our worries and desires so the universe can take care of them for us. We write down what we want or need to happen and then place the note into a box. By writing and placing our thoughts in the box, we are taking action and letting the universe know we need help and are willing to surrender our feelings. We give ourselves permission to not concern ourselves with that problem any longer and trust that the universe is taking care of it. You may even want to decorate your box and place it in a special place. Your surrender box is a sacred container for your worries. Not only do you free up space in your mind by letting go of our worries and desires and dropping them into your surrender box, but you are giving your burden over to a higher power. Once we drop our worries and desires into the surrender box, we free our minds so we can be fully present in each moment.

Surrendering our worries and concerns and placing them in the hands of the universe doesn’t mean that we’ve given up or have been defeated. Instead, we are releasing the realization of our desires and the resolution of our worries and no longer concerning ourselves with their outcomes. It’s always fun to go back and pull the slips of paper out of the box once your requests have been granted. And it’s amazing how quickly problems go away and dreams come true when we finally let go and allow a higher power to help us.

There are so many layers to forgiveness. Forgive yourself and forgive others, You don’t have to relive a relationship or have a clearing conversation if you truly forgive. Wish for them to have a happy life and move on. Be mindful of NOT sending them love and light as that may be the ego disguised believing it is better than the other person. You can judge the RELATIONSHIP but do not judge the person. The feeling of needing to talk about it to the person or to other people chords you. Judging the person does the same. This one is a really hard concept. You can put this in the surrender box. “God, or Universe, I lovingly ask you to heal my relationship with _____.” The frozen energy will melt with time and you will find peace for yourself. Isabella, my toddler, also wants to give you a journal exercise that may help and remind you the power of GRACE.

Please share this information if you found it to be useful. I would also love your feedback or suggestions on how I can be more of service. We are all searching for our answers.