It started out as a light-hearted conversation with a soul sister. Susan is debating the name of her new class about women confidence and acceptance. She asked which word I liked more, embody or embrace. I told her I think embrace would be a better word because it is an easier approach. Susan pointed out embody is more powerful if they are wanting to be more confident. To embrace would be changes from outward in, to embody would be changes from the inside out.

I decided I would play with both of these words energetically as words have vibrations. It invokes emotions. Emotions create thought. Thoughts create action. Actions shape your destiny. I started seeing both words everywhere. Funny how that always happens.

At this time, I’m designing the new Ascension Station. It’s another business. It’s risky, scary, doubtful and exciting. Everytime I came across something new, a challenge, or a belief, I would ask myself if I wanted to embrace this or embody this. I did both words for each instance and the energy is different!

In conversations with clients during the week, I would hear lots of “I can’t do ___ because ___.” I asked them to play with me. If they agreed, I would ask what would happen if they embraced this? After they answered I would ask, “Who would you be if you embodied this person? How would you show up?” For example, Janet said she hated social media and only wants to do 2 posts a month for her business. I asked her what could happen if she embraced posting twice a week, one for business and one for her fun side. Then I asked who she followed and loved seeing their stuff. I asked her to embody that person inside of her. If you were Ellen, what would Ellen do?

At the end of the service, we would have an affirmation for the word they liked more. I’m curious to find out when they come back for their airbrush tan what shifts they had.

Give it a try and let me know what you embody and embrace!