I hope you have been enjoying these blogs because you find them applicable for you or people you know. Chinese face reading is so fun and can be used in so many ways to manifest and break-through.

If you were born in the years above, you are such a visionary and so powerful. Your main element is yang metal in Chinese medicine.

Things must make SENSE to you and you are very sensitive to your spaces, the way things feel, smell, and taste. You have very high expectations for yourself and others. Perfectionism is your strength but it is also your challenge.

People will come to you for your advice if you are centered this year. This year is your “Eye of the Hurricane.” It sounds worse than it is. It’s an earth year and the things you do this year sets you up to reap rewards the following two years. If you are in the eye of the hurricane you will be able to see everything. It’s the most peaceful place. In the chaos you can be cool, calm and collected and lead people to the promise land. You have a way of solving problems and so intuitive.

You have to watch your anxiety and nervous system in 2021. Don’t move this year because its an earth year for you. You don’t want to shake up the stability. Breathwork and chanting is vital for you, Below are 2 videos that you may want to do incorporate for breathwork.

There is a theme for everyone. The energy wave starts February 4th. This is a time called Imbolc. A Chinese face reading can reveal so much and help you manifest a more authentic life. Book your appointment today.