My friend Braxton came to Denver and we had brunch on Sunday. When I picked him up at the Sheraton I wanted to try our luck at the Brown Palace Hotel. I hear brunch is pretty fancy and AMAZING; you need reservations and they are always booked. On our walk I introduced Braxton to the YES therapy technique to help get us in. I had him do the “follow the leader” technique with it.

YES therapy is a structured prayer and it puts your prayer on steroids. When-ever I use this technique, my answers show up normally within the hour! It seems so easy and silly, but it works! It’s in the way that you ask and the God that you are asking. Weather its healing for myself or others, getting a task done, finding parking…it works like MAGIC!

I don’t know what I said to the host, but Jerome got us in and treated us like rockstars at the Brown Palace! Braxton laughed and commented how I make life so easy. I wasn’t always this way. Braxton knows when life was really hard for me; when I had a restaurant and clothing store in Springfield, MO and when I first moved to Denver.
After discovering the YES prayer, posted below, things really have flowed more for me. I sleep better, headaches go away faster, cravings fade, I get on stand-by flights that seem like all odds are against me, I write these newsletter with more clarity…I use it before doing anything now.
If I can make it easier on myself, why not?! Doing things the hard way when you don’t have to is wasted time and energy. Having the Universe help you is pretty entertaining and enlightening.
What if you could super-speed your results for FREE? Give it a try and see how much easier life is. Believe and have fun with it. The video below explains it all. If you find it helpful, share it or post a comment! Below the video are also some other magical tools to make life easier for you. Life is EASY if you want it to be and ALLOW it to be.


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