Lots of people are setting intentions, goals, and reSOULTIONS as we enter a new year. The new year is just a mark, you don’t have to start or know at this time. If you start them on energetic waves, it is much better; such as new moons, eclipses, and portal openings. I’ll have lots of dates for you through March.  Don’t feel bad if you have no clue what you want to do next year. Don’t feel weird if you have an itch of some sort but can’t figure it out.

January is really a time of clearings and making some decisions, not really a time of new beginnings. February and March are better for that. For now celebrate all the beauty and lessons you’ve learned to carry you in the next year and decade. REST. Do some awareness and consciousness on who you want to be and how you want to feel. Whatever you do today or tomorrow, be aligned with your spirit. Incorporate a ritual of some sort to release something old to make room for the new. My partner and I had an hour “meeting” and shared our visions. We moved everything around in the house to fit that energy. I did a space clearing and blessing for it.

The past week I’ve been encouraging clients to pick their word for the year. This directs the energy for decisions and alignment. My word for 2020 is ALIGN. This word kept popping up for me in September when I was working on re-branding. So You Boutique’s new tagline is “Where Beauty & Energy Align.” 2019 was EXPANSION because I wanted to expand spiritually and physically. 2018 was DEVOTION. My partner’s was BELIEVE.

One of my mentors, Susan Sly did a podcast that was really insightful for me. Her word for 2019 was UNBECOMING. It’s unusual right? She read one of Paulo Cohelo’s books where he wrote, to become what you are suppose to be, you must UNBECOME what you have been. It was a bigger challenge for her than she had expected. It made her grow tremendously. This year her word is FULFILLMENT.

Here are some examples for you to ponder and pick. You can change it if the energy changes. Don’t OVERTHINK it! Having your word will direct and help you decide accordingly for your alignment. I would love to know what your word is.


Hope to see you soon and more in 2020!

All my love,