Tony Robbins taught me years ago “recognize the season you are in physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” If you are aware of this, you plant the correct seeds and harvest all year long. For instance, if it’s winter and you plant the wrong seeds, it will not grow! Many things do not grow at all. It’s useless and you’ll feel like a failure. Most seeds in winter also take a longer germination time, you must be patient.

In real time, we are in Autumn, heading towards winter, but what season are YOU personally in?

For the last year, I personally have been in winter. I went through 2 bad ulcerative flares in which I needed a blood transfusion in one of them. There were a couple of months in which I couldn’t work. I had to turn away all of my lash extension business and rebuild it. My diet was really limited. I felt like parts of meIMG_3256 died. I knew I had a limited supply of energy and had to evaluate what I wanted to grow and just focus on those.

Now I am person
ally in early spring because I have a new Qigong practice, 3 gals working with me, incorporated face readings and energetic personal and space clearings. I have new mentors and a “spiritual ninja” tribe that is forming.

I connected to 2 friends this week doing their airbrush tan and face reading. I noticed the season they were in. Kerri is about to go through a divorce and struggling with her Lupus. She’s in early winter. Some of these things must die for new things to grow. Nature does not know good or evil, it does what it must to move forward for the sake of the whole. Nature is forcing her to move forward. Weather she chooses to let go and accept is another story. Trisha is in summer. She has a brightness and the “shen” shows through her eyes pulling you in. Her business is growing with new projects. She has all these dates with men that match her spirit.

Before real life consumes you with the holidays, pause and evaluate what season you are personally in. With spiritual seasons, they don’t have to be in order with physical seasons, you can pick one according to its theme. Those that take this information into their awareness, will RESPOND to life and create a life by design. Those that don’t will let life happen to them and REACT. All seasons end. How long a season lasts is really up to you.

I hope this writing helps you take inventory of your harvest, appreciate the seasons for what it is, plan for the seasons ahead, let go of things, and welcome in the new growth.


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