Did you the first Monday after the holidays is suppose to be the most DEPRESSING day of the year? How depressing is that???!!!! It is because after a heighten time, you gotta come back down.
We can feel overwhelmed by all that we HAVE to do or SHOULD do. There is so much to do, we tend to avoid it and subconsciously fight it…going to the fridge to stuff our feelings…
Don’t let this happen to you! You can re~direct any energy if you are aware of it. Here’s a list to help you fight it and SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD).  =) It’s all about feeling GOOD!
~Treat yourself to fresh plants/flowers. It reminds you of life and growth. Energetically it refreshes you.
~Make your list starting with ACTION words. For example BOOK appt for spray tan (shameless plug), WRITE thank you card, SEW button on pants…your brain will find a way to do the task if you TELL it what to do with action words. If you just made a list with spray tan, thank you cards, button…your brain sees a list and says “what do I do with this?” It gets overwhelmed and does nothing. The list then grows and you feel worse, getting more overwhelmed.
~Schedule something for yourself, maybe that spray tan (another shameless plug). When I’m tan, I feel healthier, eat less, workout harder. It’s amazing what a tan can do and make you feel.
~Wear or carry something that makes you feel good. It will ground you and the energy will support you. A power piece of clothing, a message stone/gem/jewelry that means something to you.
~Start a little sooner and give yourself a little more time to do things.

~Sleep earlier. Animals sleep more in the winter, so should you! Rest and RENEW.

~Smile more, hug more, give a sincere compliment. These are FREE things you can give away  and make someone’s day, turning around your day.

It’s the first week of the year, make it a wonderful start. You are the creator of your own experience.