It’s the night before thanksgiving. I want to take time out to tell you I Appreciate YOU. Thank you for your shares, support, and spirit!

If you happen to stumble on this blog after Thanksgiving, know that it’s the right time for you. This will have you be thankful year around, increasing your joy, peace, love, and abundance.

My intention with this short blog is to help shift an energy field for you. It’s the difference between gratitude, appreciation and contentment. They seem the same but they are actually very different. Gratitude is being grateful that something is over. Appreciation is acceptance and acknowledgment and continues. Contentment is relaxation and being present to your blessings.

Everyday I write 3-10 things I’m grateful for. I journal what I appreciate about a lesson and person. I breathe into what I’m lucky and blessed I get to do, even if I’m so tired. This helps me to flow and see opportunities and potential in everyone and everything.

I love this video Marie Forleo did on appreciation. #Marieforleo I’m so appreciate of your sense of humor and wisdom. Watch this before you go to bed and may you be feel gratefulness, appreciation, and contentment.