A girlfriend and I were having lunch to catch up. Allison congratulated me on my new engagement. I confessed I wasn’t all that excited about it and I’m doing some work on it. I love Chris but I don’t know if I want to be married even though I said yes.

Allison then asked what was in my 7th house on my astrology charts. She just had another reading and learned why she has commitment issues. She has no planet in her 7th house, which is the area of relationships. For her, the relationship has to be non-conventional one with lots of freedom to do her life work.

At our Spirit Fair on Sunday I asked Jim Trader, our astrologer to pull up my chart. Neptune is in my 7th house. For me, the relationship has to be one that supports my growth and learning. It has to be exotic. I laughed because Chris is meat and potatoes, a man from Ohio. Nothing exotic about that! Jim said for me, it is because I’m Vietnamese. He is different and out of my norm. He is also much older than I am with patience, understanding, and believes in my line of work. This gave me some reassurance and answers I was seeking.

Known as the House of Partnership, the 7th House shows what you need from others in order to make a one-on-one relationship last. The sign in that house shows what you need from others in order to forge a long-term bond. Any planets in that house indicate experiences you are likely to have in any partnership.

Come see Jim at our Spirit Fairs or this Thursday Feb 15th from 4-8P for a reading in area of relationship.