Spiritual Ninjas~
Last week I had the chance to work with body builders. This often gets me motivated and reminded “If Its Important to You, You’ll Find a Way. If Not You’ll Find An Excuse.” A competitor name Teresa shared this with me years ago when I told her I could never do a competition. She told me my mind was everything, I am what I believe.
This past week I went to yoga which I thought was a flow class and it ended up being YogaSculpt. I wasn’t in the mood for it at 7:30a. When I thought “I can’t do another set,” the instructor knew and would say “YES YOU CAN!.” She then said “You are always gonna be right. If you say you can’t do something, then you can’t. If you say you can do something, then you can.”  She PULLED me forward mentally and I had one of the best classes.
When I started pole class, I didn’t think I could get into these crazy acrobatic holds. Once again the instructor told me “YES YOU CAN.”

Lesson: Sometimes you walk into something and its not what you thought. Believe the timing is right, its what makes you better and what you need. You are more ready than you think you are. You have more strength and endurance than you realize. 

When you think you can’t, I’m here to tell you “YES YOU CAN!”

(You CAN also get that AIRBRUSH TAN even if you don’t have a reason.)