Randomly I was at a metaphysical fair this past weekend. This fair has a lot of woo-woo products/concepts. You gotta be pretty open to this stuff because it can be WEIRD!

A lot of it made me skeptical but there were 3 vendors I had to try. I’m into healing and energy which was why I was drawn to this TELSA light energy and out-of-body work. It didn’t have the same effect on my friends.

At the end of the day my girlfriends and I exchanged experiences. We laughed and I came to a conclusion: YOU CANNOT SAY THE WRONG THING TO THE RIGHT PERSON, despite how weird the shit may be!

 As I journaled that evening, I reflected on the friends/mentors/people I believe to have successful abundant lives. They all have the COURAGE to ask for what they want and speak their voice.

Every interaction you have can change someone or you. We are  always one crucial conversation from something GREAT. Many times we are afraid to have that conversation because of the perceived pain. We think it may end something…but that is when something GREAT can BEGIN.

As we step into Spring, I send you COURAGE to speak from your heart. The words you use is the condition of your heart. YOU CANNOT SAY THE WRONG THING TO THE RIGHT PERSON!

Sending you Grace, Soul & Courage

Thuy “twee”



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