Denver’s Airbrush Spray Tanning Oasis with a Spiritual Twist

Aloha! I’m Thuy Dam. Remember my name by counting One, Two, “Twee”


Welcome to our Magical Garden: Your Sanctuary for Renewal in Beauty, Self-Love, and Spiritual Connection.

It’s SO YOU!

Unwind and rejuvenate as we blend the worlds of inner and outer beauty with Chinese face reading, energy clearing, space clearing, laser teeth whitening, and airbrush spray tanning. Our Spiritual Oasis is tailored for the high achievers and burnt-out babes like you. Step into a realm where beauty merges with spirituality, where self-care becomes a sacred ritual, and where you can find solace and connection within yourself. Get ready to ignite your inner muse and sparkle, because you deserve it! We will activate your luck in love and life, reminding you of your magic.

This is where beauty and energy align.

thuy dam chinese face reader in bali


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What to Expect When You Visit Us

We offer refreshments and a personalized consultation to ease any nervousness. The intention of So You Boutique is to unlock a more confident, radiant, fun, loving and healthier YOU, inside and out.

Our Location

We are officed in Denver and doing pop-ups to cater to seasons and events. We also offer mobile services so we can come to you with all of our services.

Unlock Your Beauty & Potential

So You Boutique is a beauty and energy boutique. We specialize in airbrush spray tanninglaser teeth whiteningChinese face readingenergetic clearings and space clearings. Whether one service or a combination thereof, we want your experience to be as special as you are. Why don’t you book us for your special event, corporate parties and trainings?

A “So You” Tan

We started out doing spray tans and that is what we are known for. With our perfected sunless tan you will never turn orange and there is no odor. We use a customized organic tanning solution tailored just for you. Your tan will last 7-10 days. We also offer a rapid tan that lets you shower 2-4 hours after your session. The result is a healthy sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays. If you would like your own spray tanning business, we can teach you!

Laser Teeth Whitening: Smile with Confidence

Want a brighter smile? We offer a professional teeth whitening system with Davinci Teeth Whitening. This allows us to remove years worth of teeth stains. Imagine 2-14 shades whiter in less than an hour. With this process you will have little to no pain even if you have sensitive teeth. This is due to our special  de-sensitizer and natural formula that does not deplete your teeth’s enamel. You’ll walk away with a pearly white smile.

Flow with Harmony in Your Life with Face Reading and Energy Clearings 

Unlock the ancient wisdom of Chinese face reading and experience the transformative power of energetic clearing. We use a mix of modalities of Chinese medicine, energy medicine, chakra balancing, essential oils, mediumship, shamanic rituals, and channeling. Discover the profound insights hidden within your features and release the energetic blocks that hold you back. Welcome to a world of clarity, balance, and self-discovery.

Chinese Face Reading with Nine Star Ki

Hidden in your face is a roadmap of your greatest potential. A reading can help you live a more authentic life and flow with more ease.

Energetic Clearing, Space Clearing, Space Blessings

Need help removing negative energy? We’ve got you covered! Clear negative energy from your aura, pets, home, and businesses. You can also do space blessings and house blessings.

Beauty & Metaphysical Products

In addition to our services, there are also fun little items available. Shop our online store for fantastic finds including anti-aging skin care, holistic healing aids, CBD oils, energy tools, crystals, and locally-made jewelry.

Mobile Spray Tanning and Spray Tanning Parties

We can come to you with our pop-up tent for an individual airbrush spray tan. You can also book a spray tanning party for your wedding, vacation preparation, dances, bridal showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and white party. Prices vary.

We can come to you for all of our services! Chinese face readings, energy clearings, space clearings, and laser teeth whitening. We can custom an event for you. We can do theme parties, team-building, appreciation events, and celebrations with any or a combination of all our services. We now also offer remote events through ZOOM and Skype. Open Mon-Sun by Appointment Only

Spray Tanning Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our tanning process is completely UV free and a trained technician hand sprays you for a customized natural spray tan

Yes. All of our products are organic and its a sunless tan. We recommend the rapid tanning solution for an instant tan.

Get the girls/guys together for a little tanning fun! Perfect for weddings, formals, prom, pageants, theme parties, competitions/body building, vacations, and special occasions.

Real men airbrush spray tan. Kyle shows you what a difference an airbrush spray tan can make:
A Chinese Face Reading can change your life and help you live your authentic life. Your face is most present road map of you where you’ve been and your potential. Your answers are in your face!:
Energy work “may” help you restore balance, have more peace, clarity, and remove stuck energy or clear negative energy. I incorporate Chinese five elements and other modalities to remove energies not serving you from your aura and raise your vibration and elevate your energy fields.
If you are sensitive to energy, a space clearing/blessing may help you sleep better, have more clarity, improve your health, be more focused, raise your vibration, and elevate your energy.
Schedule your appointment online or call 720.443.1648. Be sure to shop our online store. Namaste!