Energy Clearings to Remove Negative Energy

What is energy clearing, energy healing, energy medicine?

You have a personal field of energy that is unique to you. This vibrational field influences what life brings you, lessons you learn, and what your sacred purpose is meant to be. This field also affects the people in your life and how fully they can open their hearts to you.

When this energy field is in balance, life can unfold almost effortlessly. You find the people who love you in healthy ways. You discover the work that makes your heart sing and you feel at ease within your own spirit.

However, in the course of your life, you naturally encounter painful emotional or physical experiences. These can cause your vibration to wobble, weaken and fall out of balance. If your field doesn’t recover its vitality due to repeated struggles, this can create blocks in how your energy flows and you may eventually come to feel stuck in life. You lose your joy.

This is really a living field of energy that can be worked with to gracefully bring balance and vitality back. You can reclaim the loving, joyful life you truly deserve.

Clearings are gentle but powerful form of spirit work that can release what’s been holding you back, to free stagnant blocks to love, joy, and life purpose. Move beyond old personal patterns, including issues with anxiety, weight, self-love, personal power and authenticity, and reclaim your true spirit!

Energy Work can be done for:

  • The past – Release traumas, ancestors’ DNA and transform the energy throughout your family line.
  • The present – Let go of what you’ve carried into the now that belongs to the THEN! Situations, relationships
  • The future – Clearing forward in time, and check in on the future you!
  • Health: Diseases, allergies, surgeries, weight, addictions.

I will work on your energy field by removing layers of traumas, stagnation, and negative energy, to release your stuck areas. It is a gentle, safe process. When you are clear, you naturally make better decisions or finally able to make decisions. It frees you up and helps you move ONWARD.

Simple Energy Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Energy work pricing and specials will vary on time and need. My normal rates are $135/hr

Energy healing discounts are available for special need.

There was a time when I wasn’t so abundant and needed the energy healing.

Message me for love donations/paying what you can/pro bono.

Can be done at the studio or remote


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Energy cannot be transformed!

What is Energy Clearing?

Like physical dust or dirt that can build up, our energetic systems also accumulate energetic clutter that can weigh us down and get us stuck. Sometimes we need help to get free of it. In my work as an energy clearing practitioner, I go to the source of your energetic blocks and help you regain your balance so you can reconnect with life and joy.

Possible Benefits of Energy Clearing

  • Improved sleep
  • Stronger connection with family and friends
  • A cleansing cry
  • Clearer thinking
  • A feeling like a weight lifted off of them

Energy Work FAQs

We will work together by telephone, email, or in person. Some clients prefer the live conversation in person or by phone. Other clients prefer to quietly focus on themselves during the session and communicate by email.

The results are the same whether our communication is written or spoken. You will be brought into better balance so that you can find peace. Inner peace is the best gift you can give yourself.

How many sessions is recommended?

One energy clearing can lead to profound shifts. However, to give my clients the best results, I prefer to work with them over a period of time. It’s like peeling the layers of an onion. When you receive your first energy clearing, it gently makes room for other things to to come up that are ready for you to let go of.

I recommend three (3) energy clearing sessions over a period of one or two months, and commonly work with people over a series of many sessions to provide deep and lasting changes.

How does energy clearing work from a distance?

It does. I will tune in and connect with you, no matter what time zone you are in. Science is quickly catching up with what we intuitives have long known – that we truly are connected in ways that defy easy explanation. Quantum physics has proven that when two entangled photons are separated by distance – even thousands of miles – they still react instantaneously to stimuli as if they were still connected. I am able to tap into your energy field and release your stuck places through this subtle yet powerful connection.


“I made commitment to ongoing energy clearing sessions with Thuy. Her powerful work cleared years of toxic energy and stagnation from my mental, emotional and physical bodies. After a few weeks, I found a new passions and began training in my own healing modality. I have greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.”

Susan M. ~ Pfizer sales rep, NYC

“Throughout the years I have tried numerous modalities to uplift the stagnant low energy in my home. Nothing had worked to fully uplift the energy so I wasn’t sure what to expect when Thuy Dam came to clear/bless my home. It was a gradual effect over the past couple of months. Projects and goals that have taken years to finally do, I have accomplished! Everything easily has fallen into place. I feel a difference with the energy in my space. ~ Forever Grateful for YOU!”

Lara F. ~ Massage therapist, Denver

“I love Thuy because she is so versatile! Not only is she phenomenal at spray tans (I am always so happy with the outcome), she also started a new venture recently and I had her come to my house to do a clearing. I love how she took her time with each room and really tried to help me understand where the different energy levels were coming from. She did a great job of bringing more yin&yang balance into my home and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. Thank you, Thuy!!!!”

Britt H. ~ Events planner, Denver

“I went to Thuy for a Chinese face reading and it was fascinating! Thuy told me things about myself that she would have no way of knowing, like the fact I am especially sensitive to energy in spaces. She gave me tips on how to manage myself, tuned my energy field and even did a releasing ceremony to help me with a recent loss. I felt great when I left! Thuy is such a compassionate and playful soul… she rocks”

Claire E. ~ Brand developer, Castle Rock

Your Privacy

Privacy and confidentiality have always been a priority in all areas of my work. What you share with me will be handled with care and compassion. Your trust in me is something I greatly value, and I will do everything I can to make this a positive, healing experience for you from start to finish and beyond. I care about your well-being, and offer my skills with compassion and professionalism.


A Personal Energy Clearing is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Personal Energy Clearing is meant to complement medical treatments, not replace them. The advice and information gives is based exclusively on Thuy’s experience. Thuy does not heal you, nor does she claim to. She supports you in healing yourself and your life. By purchasing an energy clearing from Thuy, you agree to hold her harmless.

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