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I have what is diagnosis as ulcerlative colitis and its been the longest journey the last two years with healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is NOT a linear process. It’s misunderstood because it is your soul making space for you to ACCEPT, SURRENDER, and GIVE YOURSELF KINDNESS. It may also be because you’ve out-grown your container and need a new one for the life you desire or the purpose you are to walk into. After every break down, there is a break-through. During this time I started channel the Muses and the Magis. I mastered my ACCCE process for pain neutralization which I have below. Below are gifts I found in this journey that has moved me leaps and bounds to heal from the heart. This journey has activated my devotion to healing. As each person heals, we help heal the collective.

As part of my commitment to well-being, I recommend additional resources that can supplement and support your healing journey. These resources are carefully selected to align with our holistic approach and have proven to be effective in empowering our clients. From books and podcasts to workshops and online courses, we provide valuable recommendations that can enhance your understanding, provide insights, and empower you to take charge of your healing process.

At So You Boutique, we believe that healing is a collaborative effort, and we are honored to be your partners on this transformative path. We also believe in collaborating with other experts and proud to recommend the following brands, healers, and modalities. Some of them we are affiliated with. May you find your answers, or the answers flow to you. We recommend you PLAY with curiosity for you to live your authentic life.


Is one of your desires is to lose weight? Eat better with whole foods? Looking for a simple way to reset your gut, reduce inflammation. Do you want better focus and sleep better?

Skinny60 program with Tess Master

Look no further than Skinny60 – the program that has changed the game for me! I’m inviting you to join me with this amazing LIVE program with the BlenderGirl Tess Masters.

I did this program in January 2023 and I’m feeling like a whole new person. This honesty saved my life, helped with my ulcerlative colitis and taught me about food combining. It gave me wisdom to love and choose better foods. It taught me so much about cooking, sustainability, and nutrition. This is a LIVE program with coaching, dietitians and a community. The resources are a wealth of knowledge. The LivingPlate meal plan program is catered for you. The recipes are easy, fast, and taste AMAZING.

Trust me, you won’t regret giving Skinny60 a try! Click on our affiliate link to join


I’ve been doing the Ziva Meditation with Emily Fletcher  since May 22, 2o23. I bought the program on an angel day which I was channeled and encouraged to do by the Magis. It has transformed my meditation practice and flowing with life. It’s harmonized years of stuck energy and stress. The Ziva Meditation is a 15 day meditation course I highly recommend. I introduce you to her amazing process in this LIVE. My little LIVE does not offer all the wisdom and transformation you will get from Emily in her course.

To get the course click here for our affiliate link to join.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee. The program with lots of bonuses.

You can also learn more about Emily and the program with this free masterclass https://zivameditation.com/freemasterclass/

I activate devoted empaths to overcome weakness by unlocking their potential with energy healing and beauty in their face. I am a spiritual ninja and muse of change, I transform sensitivities into superpowers and magical alignments. I elevate and celebrate every part of the journey with blissipline because I know what it feels like to feel lost, alone, weak, and hopeless.

A Young Living Scentsational & Non-toxic life

Not a day goes by without using oils. One of my mottos is  “When in doubt, diffuse it out.” Oils have a frequency and can raise your vibration and also the energy of a space. It can give you more energy, calm you, revitalize, heal, and sanitize. Not all oils are the same quality. I’d love to introduce to a fun, healthy, and SCENSIBLE life.

My coaching is free on how to use essential oils to raise your vibration and use this as ancient medicine! You get wholesale pricing. You get free products and an opportunity to make referral income. Click here to join

Meditation and Sleep Better with the Manta Sleep Eyemask

Get restful sleep, have eye relief with eye and light sensitivity, calm your nervous system, and enhance your meditation with the Manta Sleep Eyemask.
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Do You Get Cold Easily? Discover the Ultimate Solution to Banish the Cold! The Vanustas Heated Jacket

Ever find yourself shivering through those chilly days, despite layering up like it’s the North Pole? Enter the game-changer: the Venustas heated jacket – your cozy companion that banishes the cold with just a click! I get cold easily, especially on my morning soul strolls. The back, front, and pockets heat up! I use this year around. This company was founded for skiers, but all of their products are great for anyone who lives in cold areas. Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm embrace that follows you everywhere.

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Meditation and Sleep Better with the Manta Sleep Eyemask

Get restful sleep, have eye relief with eye and light sensitivity, calm your nervous system, and enhance your meditation with the Manta Sleep Eyemask.
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Namirsa Pro Massage Gun

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Do you struggle with muscle soreness and slow recovery time after workouts? The Namirsa Massage Gun has been a game-changer for me! I USE THIS EVERYDAY! This powerful tool uses percussion therapy to promote lymphatic flow and accelerate athletic and health recovery.

Using it before you go to bed gives you the best sleep. I used it with my healing after I got out of the hospital when I couldn’t move to help with blood and lymph stimulation.

Trust me, your body will thank you for investing in the Namirsa Massage Gun. Below are videos on how to use use it beyond the regular use of it. The company also sends you emails on advance use for your optimal health.

We are not affiliated with these but we highly recommend them for your spirit

elderberry syrup recipe
Medicine cards Physic Keith

Also available in a free printable deck or digital download deck.

  • Lee Harris ~ I check into Lee’s portal daily for intuition tools, connecting with other healers, energy updates, healing music and so much more. You can also check him out on YouTube with his Impact the World podcast. https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/
  • Tracee Stanley ~ She has an aura for the DEEP REST. Her meditations activate my deep sleep and help me to have more self love. She has many great free offerings. https://linktr.ee/tracee_stanley
  • Erin Stutland:  The Movement ~ This is an incredible program for workouts, meditation, self love and personal development. Erin has so much in this app to help you do every kind of workouts at different levels: dance, cardio, strength training, yoga, barre, hit, stretching. A lot of them include mantras with it to move the energy. Her soul strolls are so uplifting for your walks. She also has workshops to manifest, hypnotherapy, cooking, so much more. I love that some of the workouts are 5 minutes!  The app is so EASY and organized. Her weekly emails are energetic and get you moving. https://themovement.erinstutland.com/catalog
  • RASA: Coffee alternative, Cacao for your rituals ~ This is the most wonderful coffee alternative with adaptagens and herbs. They have a wide variety of products has everything for your energetic need. Get the starter pack! https://wearerasa.com/pages/mission 

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