Winds of Change are Happening, Opening Doors for You

You don’t have to change, just SHIFT. When You Shift Things Change.this 

This is the LIVE 11:11 2023 portal activation I did for the collective. Its energy is good til April 2024.

Wowsers…Spirit had me up at 2:30am and shifted everything with the activation. What I had planned on was revised.

Since it is LIVE you’ll hear how some of the things were also routed from the night before and how I had to re-calibrate. Bella didn’t spend at the sleepover she was suppose to be at. She said she wanted to be held and no one would hold her there. She and I still co-sleep together. When she woke up, she decided to put the pine cones on top of the candles I had burning on our alter for our ancestors.  I had to put out a fire!

The activation is 1.5 hours, you can take it 2 parts though. I encourage you to re-do  often so it is reinforced. You can share this blog post with whomever you feel would align with it. Have them join our mailing list so they don’t miss out on all the offerings I’m doing with the GIVE ECONOMY I choosing to live in.

✨ Step into the Portal of Transformation! ✨

~In this activation we remember our magic and embrace the energy of progress, plenty, and peace for the next 4 months

~It’s a journey like no other as I walk with you through the messages of my muses and magis.

~In this powerful activation, I’ll be sharing energy medicine and tools to help you optimize on the hurricane energy of creativity, maintenance, and destruction

~You’ll discover the wisdom of the horse spirit through my equestrian healing, connecting with their powerful


~But that’s not all! We’ll dive deeper into finding your DO word with a special practice I learned by the incredible Tracee Stanley. ✍️ You’ll live and plan differently being and doing with the whispers on spirit.

~And to top it all off, we’ll close with an activation dance party, where we’ll embody luminous grace and bliss together.

Excited and honored to share this sacred space of transformation and embrace our true power.

✨Remember you’re magic and YOU ARE MAGIC.

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And this is the playlist for the activation.

I’m not so techy. I figured out the sound bit but I didn’t switch to speaker view. I have it on gallery but only one person shows because the others had their video off. It’s actually perfect because its the harmony of the feminine and masculine

Let’s make this season one filled with joy, gratitude, and endless possibilities! I’d love to hear from you! What did you feel after doing activation? What you are celebrating?

Here’s the quote from Victor Frankl from the activation that I couldn’t remember. =)