🍂 Season of Giving, Presence, Light, Progress, Plenty, & Peace🍂


Hiya Beautiful Soul,

Know that if you found this blog, it’s the right time. healing answers you are seeking. It can be for any season as our personal season may be different from the world’s season.

This is such a funny time here in the US with the holidays.

We spend a day having gratitude (which I love), around a set of circumstances that I’m not sure we should be celebrating (which I grapple with).

Then we go off and act like crazy buying people, getting great discounts (which I love), but often buying unconsciously and spending more than we might have otherwise (which I don’t love). If you want a unique gift of transformation and experience, don’t miss out on our Rose Gold Special and BOGO 1/2 off Face Reading. Both are ready in our online store and can be redeemed immediately. A client bought one for herself yesterday and redeeming tomorrow. I am working this weekend! >>Purchase Now<<

Yesterday was a perfect mix of quiet, connecting, fun, and nourishing. Today I’m planning for December because we only have 5 weeks left and many miracles are gonna happen. I’m also choosing to do things with more heart and healing, not hustle. Today, I have the space to take care of my body, read, and catch a movie at the Alamo with a friend. I love watching movies! Oddly when I did the “Do and Do NOT practice with Tracee Stanley, watching movies would be one of the top things I would do if I only had a year left to live. Today feels great!

The holidays can be a tough time for many.

It’s actually not the happiest time of the year. Many deaths and suicides happen during the Metal Season. It’s about harmonizing the ultimate transformer: GRIEF.

Have you noticed how all the holidays during this time revolve around LIGHTS for all cultures? I’m giving you PERMISSION not to celebrate holidays if you don’t feel like it. Just celebrate LIGHT.

For many years I was depressed during the holidays. I couldn’t get out of being ungrateful. With the healing I’ve done this past 3 years, it’s really shifted. This doesn’t mean I still don’t experience the challenges and waves. I’m more aware and able to let go of the shoulds and time line. I find peace quickly. Peace makes you better at life and the greatest gift you can give yourself. Surrendering to the process, accepting what is, and allowing the magic to flow, you change the trajectory of our life.

Even during tough and hard times, there are always gifts in it. The lesson may be the gift. It is easier to move into JOY if you choose to celebrate EVERY SMALL thing. Here are some suggestions. Choose and say them OUT LOUD. Write them in your journal. I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you. Put it in the comments and let me know what you are celebrating.

“I’m celebrating deciding that “yes” I’m going to run for office.”

“I’m celebrating REALLY putting my body first and everything is clicking.”

“I’m celebrating all the little things feeling like they are finally adding up.”

“I’m celebrating showing up.”

“I’m celebrating delivering my keynote and getting hired to come back.”

“I’m celebrating getting the edits to the publisher.”

“I’m celebrating letting myself be sick, even though I felt there was a lot to do.”

“I’m celebrating just being here.”

“I’m celebrating decluttering daily for 14 days.”

“I’m celebrating walking everyday, rain or shine, dark or light.”

“I’m celebrating really being there for my kid.”

“I’m celebrating getting a newsletter out.”

“I’m celebrating asking for help.”

“I’m celebrating going to the doctor and getting closer to an answer.”

“I’m celebrating cooking a home cooked meal each night.”

“I’m celebrating moving.”

“I’m celebrating this meeting.”

Move the energy with energetic feng shui.

Space clearing changes the grids and over a short time, things flow to you. To find wabi sabi do these tips the next 4 months and let me know the ease that flows to you.

✨ Transform the Grief and Allow this season be the a time of activation 

The activation I did on 11:11 is an activation for the next 4 months. Come back to it often to reinforce the energy. You can do, be and have whatever you dream! this is 1.5 hours and you can take it in 2 parts. The actual activation is around the 52 minute mark. It will help you ride all out all the hurricane energy. You will do the Do and Do Not practice and find your “DO” word.

~In this activation we remember our magic and embrace the energy of progress, plenty, and peace for the next 6 months.

~It’s a journey like no other as I walk with you through the messages of the muses and magis.

~In this powerful activation, I’ll be sharing energy medicine and tools to help you optimize on the hurricane energy of creativity, maintenance, and destruction. 🌀

~You’ll discover the wisdom of the horse spirit through my equestrian healing, connecting with their powerful 


✍️ You’ll live and plan differently being and doing with the whispers on the soul

~And to top it all off, we’ll close with an activation dance party, where we’ll embody luminous grace and bliss together.

Excited and honored to share this sacred space of transformation and embrace our true power. 💫

✨Remember your magic and YOU ARE MAGIC.

For connections, resources, booking and love donations www.snipfeed.co/soyouboutique



And this is the playlist for the activation.


Here’s the quote from Victor Frankl from the activation that I couldn’t remember in the activation. =)

🍁With Love and Gratitude,

Thuy “twee”

Chief Happiness Officer | Muse | Spiritual Ninja