So many have been airbrush spray tanning for vacation, weddings, prom, special events…we are thrilled there are so many celebrations. Many of them are last minute trips or pop up events. We recommend doing the Rapid Tan.

In this video, we show you the difference between a regular tan versus quick and rapid tanning solutions. It’s the time convenience! There are different levels with the regular tan and the longer you keep it on, the longer the tan will last. This is better if you are going to be in lots of water, on a longer trip, or need to even out tan lines. You must wait at least 8 hours before you can shower.

There’s only one solution to the rapid tan and the amount of time you wait to shower determines the darkness. Two hours would be a light sun-kissed glow, beyond 4 hours you may turn orange if you don’t have the pigmentation. If you have the pigmentation and like to really dark, wear the rapid tan like the regular tan. This would be like our level four spray tanning solution. We do this with our competition tans, pageants, and photoshoots.