May YOU always be in your element. Happy New Year!


2024 is only a few days new and already we’ve experienced the largest solar flare since 2017, followed by the Japanese earthquake. Everyone’s feeling the high-intensity energetic robustness that The 8 Universal Year both brings and also demands of us. There’s ‘one way’ to get through this year without feeling deflated and instead to be empowered, and that’s to stay aligned with cosmic energy, FLOWING with what’s coming next. Recent data shows that over 50% of people globally are feeling despondent about the future. It’s this fear of the unknown and what lies ahead.

What if its all an opportunity?

For every problem, the universe already has a solution. You may be that solution.  2024 is about STRENGTH and PURPOSE.

🌊Are you ready to discover your 2024 theme?

🌟 Every year, our journey through life takes us through different currents, some rapid and exciting, while others are more calm and tranquil. In my Chinese face readings I unlock this secret according to your birth year which aligns with your elements for your authentic flow.

So if your birthday is FEBRUARY 4th-Dec 31 in these years this is the theme for you and how it might influence your path. I find it though this chart. If its Jan 1-Feb 3, we gotta look at the year before.

✨If your 1st number is a 1: Go for It!

✨If your 1st number is a 2, you are gonna ride the wind

✨If your 1st number is a 3, you are in the eye of the hurricane

✨If your 1st number is a 4, its your time to OWN your power (this is me this year!)

✨If your 1st number is a 5, experience beauty

✨If your 1st number is a 6, it’s your year of transformation

✨If your 1st number is a 7, its about joy and stepping into the light

✨If your 1st number is an 8, dream the dream

✨If your 1st number is a 9, you are building new foundations

🌸 Let’s ride this year with more joy, ease, and a touch of magic. You can and should share this!  <<Click here>> to book a more through reading for you. ✨

How about we shift from measuring our worldly accomplishments to seeing our SOUL’s accomplishments? Your energy matters and you are ENOUGH. You are stronger, braver, and more beautiful than you realize.

2024 has soooo much POTENTIAL

{3} Yang Wood Element: Eye of the Hurricane
{4} Yin Wood Element: Own Your Power
{5} Earth Element: Experience Beauty
{6} Yang Metal Element: Transformation

With Love, Power, & Excitement,

Thuy “twee”

Muse | Spiritual Ninja | Chief Happiness Officer

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