In these whirlwind times, take 3 minutes to LAUGH at Lunchtime to get Centered to Become Peace and JOY

I would love to know how you REALLY are doing! This 13 day Laugh at Lunchtime Blitz has helped me CENTER and SAVOR this month to make December Matter and GUILTLESS. I started this month so scattered with overjoy and couldn’t ground. I know a lot of it is the collective energy. It’s a mix bag right now! The magis and muses I channel guided me to do this project. If you are on our mailing list, you would have received the emails. Join our email list now so you don’t miss out on may of the FREE offerings only for people on the list. 

My word of the year for 2023 is DEVOTION and that has helped me with my healing. It’s given me passion and purpose to be DEVOTED to activating empaths for their healing.

This is DAY 9.

This week we are going into the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, and then New Years! It’s so energetically charged with Mercury in Retrograde and the solar flares. 

I hope these emails help you tend to your energy because it matters and YOU MATTER! Whenever you are catching this, it’s the right time for you. RE-read them if you need to. The front part is quick and only takes 3 minutes at most. The bonuses are extras to come back to for your expansion.

Embrace the WEIRD this week and utilize EVERYTHING that shows up.

🌈Please don’t compare yourself. Comparison is the thief of joy.

🌈Celebrate not obligate. Celebrate everything this week! All little wins. If you are are in a financial hardship, don’t feel you have to get gifts. You aren’t broke, see the blessings you have.

🌈Popcorn 3 things you are grateful for in your life and what is no longer in your life.

🌈Laugh for 15 seconds with me

🌈Center with me here if you have 5 minutes and the new framework for being the FUTURE embodied you in the NOW

🌈Bella and I are starting our spiritual ninja National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Today. We are doing a road trip to Orange County California. Join us on social media for the activations! SoYouBoutique on IG and FB/SpiritualNinjaThuy on TikTok.

I will be working during this time with remote services!

With Love, Power, & Excitement,

Thuy “twee”

Muse | Spiritual Ninja | Chief Happiness Officer

🌟Bonus: Have a guiltless holiday week!

🌈Do the HONOPONONO and forgive yourself so you can be free to be you. There are so many layers to forgiveness. Then forgive someone else. I guide you in this 15 minute video

🌈Strawberry Rose Smoothie for your heart chakra

>>Click here<< for eating strategies without guilt this holiday season and some awesome holiday food to bring to gatherings

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