Aloha Beautiful!


How are you REALLY? So, if you’re not feeling fresh start vibes, there’s nothing wrong with you.


In fact, slowing down and feeling inward right now means there’s something very right going on with you.


You’re in touch with the rhythm of the Earth, the sun, and your body.


This is a time of rest and reflection.


It’s the time of the Fertile Void when it looks like nothing’s happening but A LOT is happening under the surface.


So, if you don’t feel like planning or starting new habits, awesome! You’re right on time.


Mercury just went into retrograde and it’s the middle of winter.


The first New Moon of the year is January 21st, The Lunar New Year is January 22nd, Imbolc is February 1st, and March 21st is the first day of spring which is Mother Earth’s day of new beginnings.


There’s plenty of time for fresh starts and if tomorrow doesn’t feel like that day for you, there are so many more days to come that likely will.


Apparently a lot of people needed the permission to be right where they are and feel exactly what they feel!


If this January has felt like chilled molasses in terms of your forward motion quotient, that makes sense! There’s nothing wrong with you! I can tell you more people are displaying what they believe they should feel but its quite the opposite…


How do I know? My energy and face readings tell me so!  The readings are from all over the world done remotely. 


Mercury just went direct this morning and while I don’t believe in using astrological transits as an excuse, following the cosmos brings me so much peace, especially when things feel wonky.


Any reason to remember that we’re not doing something wrong is a good thing in my book.


It’s also our first New Moon of the year on Saturday which is yet another beautiful moment signaling forward motion as we move into a fresh Lunar New Year starting Sunday, January 22nd. (Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit which, according to the Chinese zodiac, represents longevity, peace, and prosperity.)


Starting and into next week you should begin to feel some forward movement. Projects that have been stalled out may get rolling. Sales inquiries might tick up. And opportunity may very well come knocking!


Take advantage of the fresh energy by setting your New Moon intentions on Saturday. This New Moon in at 1 degree Aquarius is happening at 3:53pm ET/12:53 pm PT.


Let the gregarious, humanitarian, futuristic, spontaneous, unconventional energy of Aquarius inspire you to cut loose the things from your past that are holding you back and plant seeds for this cycle of new beginnings.


No matter how this arbitrarily decided New Year has started out for you, know that I’m happy you’re here and I’m happy we’re in this thing called life together to one degree or another.


May your molasses be warm and your energy flowing.

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With Love, Excitement and Devotion,


Muse | Spiritual Ninja | Chief Happiness Officer


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