Aloha beautiful!


How are you REALLY? This week was a doozy for me with changes in weather on the cosmic and physical level. I didn’t really go through waves, I went through more of a combustion effect. I would have these sparks and then I would die out. I knew on many levels it was my nervous system regulating. I’m also doing a whole foods detox program which I’m calling Sexy60 ( that is helping release so many things.


So I wanted to share a philosophy with  you, it’s about being the thermostat instead of the thermometer. It will help you break through on beliefs, reset yourself, and regulate your inner thermostat and thermometer. The video below will explain it so much better.

Now there is ONE tool that will help you regulate this with Chinese medicine…its the triple warmer smoothie. This was introduced to me by Donna Eden with Energy Medicine. In this video I show you how and do it with you.


Practice this for 7-21 days. Take notice of this, track it and see how you feel 5-10 minutes after you do this. How do you respond to stress over the next few weeks.  Share this with to help them come back to center sooner. May this help you flow with peace and harmony.

All my love,

Thuy “twee”