This week is such a fierce week with IMBOLC and the full moon. I’m still going through lots of this combustion energy. The best way I can explain it is like starting a lawn mover. I pull the cord, it starts and then it dies. Just lots of series of it.  What are you feeling?


Asking the muses to guide me, I ask what energies must I be aware of for February? There was soooo much: FAST, furious, funny, fancy, fragrant, all of these F’s…I love F words. and alliterations  =)


To sum it up, I’m calling it FEELING AND FREQUENCY FEBRUARY.  Put Love first. Ask what would love do? What does my heart desire? Touch, tap, hold your heart and move from your cosmic heart for your answers.  Also release, release, release!


Use the mantra: “I NOW release all emotions and energies that are not mine.”


I recently did an event called Tantra Speed Dating this week. I didn’t know why I had to go until the morning when I was journaling about it. It was a very clearing event that helped me transform so many beliefs and stuck energy on so many parts of my life. Nobody gets naked in this! It gave me new ritual ideas and activities to do with the people I love and clients with energy and face readings. I hope you take time to watch this video and it connects you to whatever you need.  I would love your input on this. Share it if you are so called. Use these activities for your rituals this month.


Powerful dates to be more aware  of in February

Feb 1-5 ~ Imbolc, Groundhogs Day, portal opening

Feb 5th ~ Full moon

Feb 8th ~ Infinity Day

Feb 11th ~ Angel Day: New beginnings

Feb 14th ~ Valentines, Galentines, Palentine Day

Feb 20th ~ New moon, President’s Day

Feb 22nd ~ Angel Day: Alignment, Dreams Come True

Feb 28th ~ Finish February: Just make a better decision, recalibrate

It is my hope that this activates your muse. I hope it helps with your healing to find peace n your head, heart and home. Connect with me anytime. Book and appointment and lets FACE it and Clear it!

Remember to smile because it means Start my internal love engine and it also means you already have it. Plant smiles, grow laughter and harvest LOVE.


All my love,

Thuy “twee”

PS. Book a teeth whitening and/or Chinese face reading. I want to SHINE your light with your smile!