Aloha Lovely

I’ve be on a retreat of sorts January-February to organize my life according to the principles of Chinese face reading and a system called Nine Star Ki. It is based on Chinese medicine, living in accordance with the seasons of life and our personal seasons. You see time is really made up. One of the most ridiculous made up is the time change that happens every spring and fall…Do you get as messed up as I do when this happens??? The new year is just STARTING! Spring is called SPRING for a reason.

Nature doesn’t know good or bad, it just knows what it must do to move life force forward. This is why there are seasons. It’s not LINEAR, its CIRCULAR! It comes around again and again. Follow the rhythms of the earth with the tides, trees,¬† sun, moon, animals and you will be in flow for your growth and thrive.

In my system, there are 9 years in the cycle, each year has a theme. Some slower and some faster. There are energy waves and tools that you can use to nourish the element that is working for you. You cannot bypass your lessons. Even though I know the energy waves, I cannot spiritually bypass my challenges either. Knowing it, I choose BETTER and ride out the waves with more gusto.

Last year was one of my toughest years, I wouldn’t have it any other way as it made me stronger and cleared the path. I now have a new wonderful living place, working spaces online and physical. I have a team where I’m not alone. I found food combining with whole foods with Tess Masters and laser therapy with Biolight Technologies. This will help me with supporting the healing of others and myself. I launched two online programs. I found out the voices I hear/channel are the Muses after my out of body experience. I embrace my weird and not afraid to share it.

I want this for you as well.

Below are the 9 cycles. Find your year and click on the video for a snippet of your theme. Learn what your main element is and some of energetic prescriptions. This is very general. By just applying this, you will anchor back into your element more quickly and be in your element.

I hope you give yourself the gift of a reading. I want you to feel supported and more clear for YOUR path. Book your appointment sooner than later. I know it will align for us when it does.

This is why I’ve spent the last 2 months strengthening myself and creating my new spaces. The cottage is off the grid for healing in Lakewood. The space at the Treehouse in Denver is elevated (coming March 15th-I am able to do spray tans again!).

This is my 5th year, an Earth year, it is better I’m not out so much. I must be the eye of the hurricane instead of in the hurricane. People will find me naturally then. This doesn’t mean I don’t do nothing though…it doesn’t work that way =)

Hope to see you soon for a session. It can be done online, in person, or mobile. We can also do the sessions with more than one person or group to cater to your needs as well. It’s just less time with each person. Everyone will get the answer they need at this present moment.=)


With Devotion and Blissipline,

Thuy “twee”

If you were born in 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007, 2016