🌞Welcome the radiant and joyful energy of the Summer Solstice & Full Moon✨

The summer solstice is the LONGEST DAY of the year and it can be INTENSE with RAPID changes – energetic highs and inevitable lows. Notice the weather lately, between the hours of 12-5. Here in Denver, it’s been a mix bag of high winds, hail, storms, heat. It lasts only or a couple of hours and then settles. Your energy may be the same, feeling a sudden surge of joy followed by a crash. Or maybe your body’s signaling with a hint of sickness?

You’re not alone. This blog is ALL about Healing and understanding the expansive and evolution you are shifting to. I haven’t felt good all week with lots of sensitives. My video below will help you with a clearing and insight (4 mins)

🌞Tune in to all your senses

Honor your energy levels, and allow this unique opportunity to move thought the lower vibes. You must move through the full spectrum to release it, to unfold in its own magic.

Just notice it and inquire, “What is my body trying to tell me? Is this mine or someone’s?

🌞Get centered and EMBODY you are a ROCKSTAR/MOVIESTAR

STEP into the vibe that people adore you and you are an attractor factor.

You can be ANY rockstar or movie star: Oprah, New Kids on the Block, Sadie, Taylor Swift, Sarah Brightman, Selena, Wilson Phillips. If a song pops in your head, play that song and let the vibration fill you. I’ve been playing SELENA lately. (4 min)



🌞June energy is about the integration of the HURRRICANE of TRANFORMATION from for the past 4 years with the Venus Stargate. It has so much possibilities and I desire for you to TRANSITION CONSCIOUSLY into that. Pick a “RE” word from the list above that aligns with you this season. Play this 30 second short to move the lower frequencies and align to the higher ones.

🫶🏼Your ACTIONS can create a ripple effect that expands the collective more than you realize. Did you know that if you vibe love and above, which is a frequency over 500, you can infect over 70,000 people exponentially?🤩

I encourage you to share tools and tips to your community. Community is medicine. We are all in need of healing. As one person heals, it heals the collective. You are medicine!

Because a friend shared my post on space clearing, a friend of hers reached out to me. I did a space clearing for an elementary school. This is going to upgrade the grids of the area for the students, teachers, neighbors ~ imagine the ripple effect YOUR share could create!


💖 Use a foam roller to dissolve and RELEASE the pain

The pain feels so good. My friend Mark has a great video. This will help move the energy lodged in your cells. The body keeps score.

💖 Use your massage gun!

✨ If you don’t have a massage gun, I recommend Namirsa.

Not all massage guns are equal. The points I have in this video are transformative. Use my promo code “thuy” at checkout and get free shipping and 10-20% off. <<www.namirsainc.com>>

✌️Purify and Protect Your Space with SALT this week.

Together, let’s bloom in the most beautiful ways possible. May the magic of this season be with you, always.

Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love


Thuy “twee”

Muse | Spiritual Ninja | Chief Happiness Officer

PS. If you feel called to make a LOVE DONATION, I will gracefully accept.


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