Aloha Dear One,


The holidays can be tricky. On contrary to popular beliefs, it may not be the most happy time of the year. There were many years I was depressed. I know that is part of the metal element with Chinese Medicine. It’s also the darkest time until the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the return to light. For years, I suffered from Season Affective Disorder (SAD) for years. Are you the same?


For that reason, this season has been about LIGHT for me. Have you noticed how all the holidays around the world is about light. Hanukkah is 8 days of light with rituals around light the candle. Christmas has symbols for star shining the way. Kwanza, winter solstice, New Years with fireworks…


Since Bella’s birth, I’ve always steered her to celebrate where we can, leaning into joy and light. I take her to places with light being a theme early in the season. This year we did Zoolights at the Denver Zoo, Christmas in Color at Bandimere Speedway. I also re-read to her I’m in Charge of Celebrations and give her that role. I want her to create celebrations according to being present and nature.


This year, I’m drawn to doing something EVERYDAY to see the light, be the light, and shine my light. I recently moved both the studio of So You Boutique and my house. Everyday I add something of light or light something, like candles. I bought solar lights to put outside the home. I’ve been wearing this light up hat and it brings so much joy to everywhere I flow. I know because people smile when they see me.


It is my hope that this encourages you to do what inspires you to shine your light. I’d love for you to share below what you did, post a picture here, on the YouTube comments, or in our social media. As always, feel free to share the content and tag away! I love connecting with you.


Below are the  videos.  I also included an extra video to help with the overwhelm and scatterness of the season.


With So MUCH love and light,

Thuy “twee”

Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) | Muse | Spiritual Ninja


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