If you were born in the years above, you are going through the 2nd year of your “reaping rewards” metal years. Do not waste it. You are more magnetic if you truly understand your sensitivities and your need to nurture and support others.


You are the strongest of the earth elements. You show up first and the last to leave. You may have a really hard time RECIEVING. It’s easy for you to get stuck because you ruminate and long for things to be safe and stable even though you may desire change.


Your may challenges this year will be seeing and accepting the beauty of sadness, grief, and the idea of being perceived as SELFISH. Know that you are capable and WORTHY. This is your time.


There’s a lot with this theme. A Chinese face reading or energy clearing can be the puzzle piece you’ve been seeking. If you are on our mailing list, I’m offering you a FREE 15 minute session over ZOOM. This is a $25 value. Schedule it online today. We will apply the coupon code and you won’t be charged. You’ll get a zoom link for our call.


If we were to do a face reading/energy clearing I would recommend some of the following tips:

1. Don’t wait to use your fine china or elegant clothes. Even if its a Tuesday night, make a theme of it and bring it out. Do it even if you live by yourself. I hope you watch the TED talk video below.



2. Give yourself the gift of flowers at least once a month.

3. Schedule your vacation and take a least 2 steps now to make it happen. It can be a day trip somewhere you drive to.

4. Make 2 appointments each month for self care/self love. Our services can be one of them =)

I hope you give yourself the gift of a Chinese face reading to help you unlock your potential and unlock your potential. Let’s make 2021 energy work for you where you are a queen and not Cinderella.