Did you know more spirits are active and roam during this time? There is a reason why Halloween, All Saints Day, and Dia Los Muertos  (Day of the Dead) are in a row. Animals are trying to find shelter with the change in weather. Spirits were once life so they are doing the same. Some spirits are more “playful” than others. They may stick to your auric field due to your sensitivity.

I had a space clearing this summer where the clients had a few attached to them. It was the husband. He didn’t believe in ghosts. He visited a friend and when his friend told him how he thought the home they lived at had ghosts, he made fun of it. After his visit, everywhere he went, AC units broke down! This was one of the things his friend said happened to them.
This year also happened to be their “water” year in my Chinese Face Reading system. Themes for the water year have to do with ancestry, spirits, dreams, intuition, and clearings. When I did their space clearing, I also did clearings for them and their pets. They stopped having AC breakdowns soon after. =)
Don’t be afraid of spirits or ghosts. If you are curious or believe to have entities attached to you,  give me a call and we can discuss the best plan of action for you.  I also did a video on how to get rid of entities for your enjoyment!
On a lighter note, may the Halloween spirit move you to a higher vibration  with the following