Of course always consult your doctor. Most will tell you its safe.

When I was pregnant it actually save me from the lows. I feel better and more toned when I’m tan. The belly is so cute tan! We can’t do body contouring on the belly though =)

How do you want to experience your pregnancy? You will have the pregnancy glow naturally but with a tan, you are so much more vibrant. In the early stages, it helps with not feeling so fat when I was in that in-between stage when people couldn’t tell if I just gained weight or pregnant.

If you are breast feeding, do the rapid tan!!! You can shower in two hours. The tan will also make you feel so much better. At So You Boutique, we spray around your breast and wipe the over spray as well. We also have a mama-roo and bumble for your little one if you need it.

Be sure to get your spray tan for your baby shower and maternity pictures!