Last night Chris and I had a date night and I really wanted to watch A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I’m more in love with Bradley Cooper than I already was. I was drooling with his perfect spray tan, guitar playing, singing, motorcycle riding, and sensitivities…I could go on and on.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Lady Gaga though! I’ve always admired her creativity as an artist but I loved all her strong face features and could discuss so much of it from a Chinese face reading observation.. She’s got tremendous strength and perfectionism from the structure of her face and jawline. Her ability to take action and not be so lost in her thoughts and head are reveal with her forehead. She’s very sensitive to people emotions and her surroundings from her eyes. Your eyes show how much you live from your heart, how open you are to other people and how sensitive you are to spaces. The placement of them will show your attention to details.

In the movie, Lady Gaga’s nose is mentioned many times. She hates it because it is too big, how she isn’t a success because of it. In actuality the nose is what makes her successful according to Chinese face reading.

Do you feel your nose is too big? Love your big nose because this is your area of power! A big nose means you are a hard worker. The sharpness in your nose shows how you take thing in and able to let it go. It is your lung health. It is also your spine health. I always know if someone has back problems and where it is from the breaks in the nose. I can guess where there may be a turn of life if it sways. Your nose also indicates the decade of your 40s.

If you alter your nose, you could be diminishing your power! If you are going to get a nose job, be sure to consult a face reader for the impact it could have on your energy. Your face is a facial map of where you’ve been and your potential. It can show health conditions out of balance. It can show you what you need to heal, blocks in your life holding you back, and finally understand yourself to accept yourself with compassion.

I hope you love all your features and understand its part of you that makes you so unique and AWESOME and AMAZING!