This week is Passion Week and Easter weekend. I’ve been discussing the themes of passion, life purpose, inspiration, miracles, birth, death, and re-birth. I’m forever changed when it comes to Easter now because last year I had Isabella on Good Friday. I had an emergency c-section and she was our Easter miracle. She was 2 months early. Since then life as shifted so much for me in all these themes. I wanted to go deeper with some past beliefs and experiences. I decided to use hypno-therapy as the healing tool.

Today I had a hypno-therapy session with Mark at our Ascension Station. We went back through the stages of when I was pregnant. I wanted to explore certain feelings I was going through in another lens. We also asked Bella what she was experiencing at that time. We asked Bella for her wisdom and insight. Young souls know more than we do.

Talking to Bella in the womb, I discover she has lived 112 other lives on earth! The last time was at the end of the 1800s. Her special gift is she’s multi-dimensional. She loves this dimension because of its free-will and expansion. She still doesn’t understand why we put so many burdens on ourselves. She’s here to remind us of the beauty in all experiences and GRACE. Coincidentally, her middle name is GRACE. Her answers were so simple and easy.

Mark has a huge passion to help moms create healthy pregnancies, before and AFTER. His twin died in the womb. His mother’s pregnancy was one of worry, shame, and stress. Postpartum is actually more important than pregnancy. You can actually re-write difficult pregnancies to have “re-births.” Mark is at the Ascension Station of So You Boutique every Saturday. Book a hypno-therapy with him to heal addictions and traumas. You could have huge break-throughs.

My session was healing because it eased fears about having another baby. I gave me more joy to my pregnancy. I got more confidence in my mothering intuition. I see so much more potential for Bella. I hope hypno-therapy reveals wisdom, healing, and courage to live your best life.