Wowsers! This past year was a whirlwind and I didn’t think it would lead me back here again with the meditation that would start it all, the Lotus Mudra Meditation. “Behind every break-down, there is a break-through!”

Here’s the short story. Six years ago I started my journey here in Denver and re-invented So You Boutique. I was mobile at first and then I officed out of Asteria Salon for 2 years. After six months, I had lots of doubts and didn’t know if I was gonna make it. I sat out to do Debbie Ford’s 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse to find some answers. I couldn’t meditate for 3 minutes.

That’s when I put together all my favorite things to create the Lotus Mudra Meditation. It was just for me initially, to ground myself. When I posted thoughts I had on my spiritual cleanse, Trevor Huster liked them all. It was odd as I hardly knew him. A month later he was my music producer for it. I had no idea what I was doing, I’m no guru on meditation.  I wasn’t planning to record a meditation from this cleanse. We did it in less than one month.

When he gave me the wave file, I said to myself “Now what do I do with this?” I made a little website. But it really sat for about 1 year. It was like the artist who didn’t the know the value of her own work. I listenedd to other guided meditations but none of them ground me nor brought me “HOME” like the Lotus Mudra Meditation.

Everytime I was in a flare, I would lay there and listen to this meditation several times a day without doing the hand movements. April/May I was worried to if I would flare again with my colitis as I was getting symptoms again. I took time out to slow down and returned to the Lotus Mudra Meditation daily. In the process I wrote two other meditations and shifted through my sadness/grief (blog here).

I called up Trevor in June to see if we could co-create again on my new vision. I”m so excited to share with you that the new meditations will be available soon and they are absolutely transforming. If it was the seeds I planted in the lotus mudra, I don’t think I would have been able to break-through. There is so much MAGIC in this meditation, things just grow.

I wanted to re-launch it, but how? …So I decided to do videos for the world to experience it. Really put it out there.

If you like it, download it so you can have it anywhere anytime. Or get the CD.

I hope it brings you more LOVE, PEACE, and JOY! Namaste