This week there were lots of new clients. Hilary stuck out particularly. I can feel certain energies but can’t always explain them. There was a sadness with Hilary. Then I noticed her vertical lines above her upper lips and below her lower lips. There were also some diagonal lines. So I got curious because I believe every interaction can change someone, including myself.

With Chinese face reading, there are normally 3 reasons for features. These lines mean someone that is perhaps taking care of others and not herself. Perhaps it is a time to practice health selfishness, learning to re-mother the mother. Learn to receive. The vertical/diagonal lines below the bottom lips could mean she’s pulling on her courage due to fear.

I asked her if she had children and she said no. Then I asked if she had to take care of someone. She said not anymore because her husband died 9 months ago. Then I saw the unshed tears under her eyes.  I told her how I’m an empath and could feel the sadness even though she was so pleasant. I went on to tell her about the lines and what they mean for her.

Hilary perked up and wanted to talk more about it. I said perhaps another time when we weren’t doing a spray tan because there is no crying in spray tans! I sensed that it would probably make her cry. I had to make light of the situation…so we both laughed.

Silently I did a mini clearing for her with my spiritual hygiene (yes therapy).

Hillary left the studio with a package of 3 tans and a renewed spirit.

I often wonder about the amazing power of the universe, especially now with face reading. It is really a hidden treasure of our life map and super-powers. Book a Chinese face reading today and understand your experiences, challenges, beauty, purpose, sensitives, and talents.