I cut it all off, 12+ inches of my hair.

I embraced a qigong practice about a month ago as part of my healing from this ulcerative colitis flare I’m going through. Since it was hard for me to leave the house, I was doing YouTube videos, and Master Chunyi Lin from Spring Forest Qigong quoted Albert Einstein Energy cannot be created. It cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.”

My spiritual ninja took over me and said “It’s time. Transform this, and re-direct this energy for new and better things to growNever ever let your suffering go in vain!” With that, I decided to start it by making it a cleansing and releasing ritual with GloExtensions because you gotta do it with fun, style, and grace! We had a blast picking the shortest hairstyle for my flat face and donated my hair to Locks of Love.

There’s a song by India Arie called I Am Not My Hair. The words are beautiful, “I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I AM the soul from within….Success didn’t come until I cut it all off.” I played the song as I released the intention for my hair to renew and heal someone that needed it.

Whatever you are going through that is challenging you, you can re-direct it for the higher good. Let it be your teacher to show you your strength. Find the flow in surrendering because sometimes we think we need to hold on when the answer is to really let go.  Ask for help and allow others to help you because you are not alone. Let your love and light shine because you are the soul from within!