For the longest time I thought Labor Day was the strangest of holidays. I didn’t truly appreciate it, it symbolized the end of summer. Perhaps it is because I don’t like the word labor. (Labor = work/pain = no fun!) Isn’t it funny how most of us work 5-6 days only to look forward to 1-2 days off? We spend 1/2 of that time dreading going back to work.

Did you know your brain sub-consciously avoids PAIN? Most people associate the word pain with work, hence the brain tries to find ways to procrastinate it. Your brain seeks out PLEASURE. You can trick your brain to find more pleasure in your work. Instead of using the words work, try, have to, or need to…use create, will, want to, in the process of… 

For instance, I know I must do a newsletter at least once a month. It’s not something I always enjoy. It requires thought and TIME. These newsletters can sometimes take me 4+ hours!!! When I catch myself thinking this, I write on a focus wheel something like “I WILL CREATE a newsletter that is FUN and INSPIRES my clients.” I carry this and read it 10+ times throughout the day. Within 24 hrs, I’ll crank it out JOYFULLY. It becomes a labor of love and I’m grateful it allows me to be creative.

Whatever it is that you do, find the JOY, make it into a Labor of Love. Be grateful for being able to work. Being grateful for what you do allows you to do more things that you love: like traveling, eating, providing for your loved ones, and doing your hobbies. You are not your work; your work is just a vehicle to do all the things you love.

Know that you make a difference in what you do. When you love what you do, it is a ripple effect and your happiness shows. Love that you have the freedom and luxury to live where you are at this moment. Love that you get to do what you do NOW and be with the people you get to be with NOW.

If you don’t love what you are doing, start exploring what you want to do. Write down action steps and do 1 of them in 24 hours. If you do not do it within 24 hours, you’ll be in the same state one year from now, making the same excuses and then beating yourself up for it.    

You can begin anytime, just start NOW. Ask yourself, “If I could do anything, money not being an issue, what would I do?” Write down everything that comes to mind. Begin exploring options. Be aware of the doors that appear and then WALK through them.

I wish you a PEACEFUL, JOYFUL, and SAFE LaborLESS DAY. I will be joyfully airbrushing your tans for this festivity weekend.

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